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BM ASIA (Thailand) Co. Ltd


BMAsia has an 18-year track record as a solid steady B2B provider of licensed background music solutions for hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, commercial offices & various retail & F&B outlets.  Currently, the company supplies approximately 1200 music channels to over 400 business properties in Thailand and ASEAN, China, Korea, East Asia, Africa, Europe & the Middle East. The company has staff consisting of music designers & programmers, IT specialists, client support & management/administrative personnel. Music content draws from local & international sounds to create an ambience & mood unique to each venue.  The company holds the necessary licenses to provide copyrighted music in a commercial setting relevant to the location of each property.



We custom design music playlists to match venue concepts, brand image and location with strategic scheduling and special event sequences.  Our approach is based on dialogue and understanding client needs while factoring in culture and customer demographics to add value to their venues.  As a result, we embrace your guest experience and drive outlet sales.


1. License Inclusive Music (LIM)

BMAsia has direct licensing agreements with major aggregators of LIM content.  LIM music content is where all the reproduction, transmission & public performance rights in the both the recording & the underlying musical work have been pre-cleared by the supplier. The user of LIM has no need or obligation regarding the supplier or any third party whatsoever to seek permission to use this music.

2. Major Label Content

As a Certified Reseller, Major Label Content is provided via SoundtrackYourBrand (SYB), instantly provides access to an interactive music streaming platform with over 30 million tracks of licensed major label content; allows scheduling and content in self-managed or managed services. The end-user of the content is normally obligated to obtain a separate public performance license from a Collection Management Organization in the jurisdiction of the venue.


Norbert Platzer

Manager International Sales & Client Relations

Peeradon Suksri (Pomme)

Business Development Manager,  Sales and Marcom



725 Metropolis Building, Suite 144, Level 20, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtan Nuea, Watthana

City: Bangkok
Postal Code:  10110
Country: Thailand
Phone Number:  +66 2 153 3520
Fax Number:
General Email: info@bmasiamusic.com
Website: https://www.bmasiamusic.com/

Business Activity:

Licensed background music application and management service for public environments

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BackgroundMusicAsia

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