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BASIS International School Bangkok is currently the 35th school in the BASIS Curriculum School network. Our curriculum seeks to provide an accelerated, revolutionary education at internationally competitive levels for all students. BASIS Curriculum Schools have been ranked consistently among the best schools in the United States and in the world. This success is rooted in the belief that advanced coursework is for all students; to that end, the BASIS Curriculum is designed to help students develop autonomy and organizational skills, as well as academic success. BASIS Curriculum Schools currently educate more than 17,000 students on 31 campuses across the United States and in China. Our vision is to extend this same success to Thailand; we anticipate BASIS International School Bangkok to be an internationally recognized institution that produces consistently exceptional students.

Residing on 22 rai of land (8.5 acres), BISB is at a prime location adjacent to Central Rama 2 and Central Park, 300 meters from Rama 2 Road. BISB's campus is built with cutting edge, modern facilities that are specifically designed to work optimally with the BASIS Curriculum. In addition to the academic classrooms, facilities include a 25m competition pool, a 1600 sqm indoor convertible gym, a design kitchen with 3-D printing/woodshop/engineering/robotic rooms, library and co-working space, cafeteria, Black Box Theatre, and more.

BISB integrates Thai Language and Culture into the Curriculum on a daily basis from PreK-12, preparing students for full fluency and a deep understanding of the Thai culture. We also offer a specialized optional Chinese Language Program starting from Grade 1 that will prepare students for full fluency and to take the AP Chinese exam in high school.

BISB is unique because it is going to marry the thoughts and ideas from Thai culture directly with our BASIS curriculum. The idea is to establish what we call “locally rooted and globally connected” educational methodologies. Our mission is to raise the standards of Thai education to the highest international levels so that our students are prepared to be participants, not spectators, in the 21st century world of commerce and innovation.


PreK-12 Education

We focus on student engagement and instilling the love of learning through dynamic and hands-on classroom experiences. We offer a unique two-teacher model in the Primary years to ensure that we have a subject expert teacher as well as a teacher that specializes in childhood development in every classroom. Additionally, we strive to create experiences where students make connections and understand how each subject relates to the other. In our higher grade levels, our goal is to provide accelerated classroom experiences in all of the core subjects and beyond to ensure that our students are exposed to an advanced STEM and Liberal Arts curriculum. We strive to make sure that all of our students are ready to succeed at the university level and beyond.


Elizabeth Thies

Head of School

Carolyn McGarvey



Address:2/1-2 Soi Rama 2 Soi Rama 2 Soi 54, Samaedam Bangkhunthian Bangkok 10150
Postal Code: 10150
Phone Number: +66 (0) 2415 0099
Fax Number:+66 (0) 2415 0098
General Email:admissions@basis.ac.th

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