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Operating for close to 30 years now, IEM provides environmental, health, and social management services to support investment and development projects. IEM has offices in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam to support the following sectors: Mining, Oil and Gas, Industry, Energy and Sustainable Development, Hotels, Tourism, Agriculture, Government and Non-Government.

IEM understands the legal and regulatory requirements that your project must comply with and prepares environmental impact statements and management plans to address any possible environmental, health or social issue.


Clean Energy and Sustainable Development; Natural Resource and Environmental Management; Feasibility & financing studies, environmental impact assessments (EIA); socio-economic studies, environmental sampling, public involvement programs; Oil Spill response service and modelling; GIS, institutional strengthening; environmental engineering, permitting; environmental audits, corporate compliance; monitoring programs, environmental and social management systems; sustainability management in fisheries, forestry, wildlife and agriculture; shrimp farm certification, air purification technology, and waste management technology and solutions.

Other Information

Ownership: Thai 51% Canadian 49%


Ron D. Livingston

President & CEO


Address: 2 KCC Building, 5th Floor, Silom Soi 9, Silom Road, Bangrak
City: Bangkok
Postal Code:  10500
Country: Thailand
Phone Number:  +66 (0) 2636 6390 Ext. 9
Fax Number:
General Email:
Website:  www.iem-global.com

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