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Lacia  Sherlock Oloffsson

owner & creative director

shared philosophy


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Lacia has studied Fashion and Design in Canada after which she went into fashion retail and then moved into the corporate world where she worked for a number of vertically-integrated companies and fashion brands from 1985-2000. This enabled her to get involved in the design, production and purchase processes of various new collections.

While working for IKEA since 2000, currently in the role of Southeast Asia’s Retail Director for Thailand, and the Philippines, it has been Lacia’s side passion and sheer desire to one day start her own brand.

The Shared Philosophy collection is made by women for women. SP comes from women who are having and sharing the same ideology. The SP garments are produced in family workshops, owned, operated and managed by Thai women. These dressmakers are part of Lacia’s philosophy; they share her love for community, sustainability and quality.

With the collection, SP supports the women who have established a base in Thai society of pattern making and tailoring. When you purchase a piece of SP, you are supporting women less fortunate than yourself.

SP uses natural fabrics that are long lasting, therefore more sustainable. From hand loomed raw silk from Nepal to high quality fabrics from Japan and beautifully designed linen and cotton knits from Korea, Lacia carefully handpicks materials to design and make her SP garments .

SP is also dedicated to supporting Thai women entrepreneurs by teaching them how to run their business by international standards, how to implement processes, secure timelines and incorporate the very important customer feedback.


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