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  • Wednesday, August 05, 2020 16:04 | Anonymous

    Seeking Travel Mate(s) And Assistant(s) On Our Way Home

    Canadian Business Executive (and independent film-maker) and his family (“Family”) are relocating back home to Vancouver, B.C. from Bangkok, Thailand due to family circumstances and the pandemics.  As there are many things to care for on the return trip, as it is better to have more help to care for the little ones on the way back especially at times of covid19 concerns, and as the Family wishes to film footage of the family travelling back to Canada at this time of pandemic to add to his pandemic documentary, the Family wishes to seek and hire travel mates to provide support and travel assistance on the way back from Bangkok to Vancouver (possibly via Hong Kong) in late August or early September.  Reasonable fees or quarantine space in Vancouver will be provided.

    Tentative schedule.  A mutually convenient date in late August (or early Sep), travelling from Bangkok back to Canada.

    Contact Info



    whatsapp: + 1-778-882-1778

    mobile: +66 0840828873

    Wechat and Line: skysky1001

    ( In your kind reply, please let us know which date(s) are you thinking/planning of flying back to Canada too, and whether you have purchased an air flight ticket yet? Thanks )


    Premier Business Group | Executive & Documentary Film Assistant

    Posting Date: August 5,  2020

    Job Number: N/A

    Job Category: Executive and Documentary Film Assistant (During Air Travel)

    Location: Bangkok and Vancouver    

    Brand: Premier Group  (Real Estate and Business Group)

    Schedule: Contract Work ( One time contract to start , accompanying flight from Bangkok to Vancouver via Hong Kong )

    Relocation?:   Air Travel from Bangkok to Hong Kong and/or to Vancouver required, but not relocation

    Position Type: Executive and Documentary Film Assistant (During Air Travel)

    Assist Us With Our Journey and Open New Door of Opportunities

    Canadian business executive/independent film-maker seeking Travelmate(s) And Assistant(s) On The Way Home


    With real estate holdings and development projects in Vancouver, Canada, Premier Group is a real estate group based in Vancouver Canada and one that is also seeking real estate and business opportunities in Thailand.  Due to urgent family circumstances and the covid19 pandemic, executive of the Group and his family members (“Family”), now in Bangkok, have to return to Vancouver, B.C.  As the Canadian border is closed to foreign nationals, not all the current associates and family members can join the return trip back to Canada and as such, the executive is seeking to hire one or more Executive and Documentary Film Assistants who can assist and accompany the Family along the return trip from Bangkok to Vacnvouer (via HK).

    The Family plans to take flight from Bangkok to Vancouver (via Hong Kong) in late August or early Sept:

    Part I: Bangkok to Hongkong(Part 1  “BKK to HKG” Trip )

    Part II: Hongkong to Vancouver (connecting flight)  ( Part 2 “HKG to YVR Trip )

    (The Family can also consider taking a different airline if the timing for all works out better if another airline is chosen.  Return date and choice of airline still flexible at this point in time)



    • To assist the Family to prepare for the return trip; to meet a few hours prior to the departure date;

    • To fly together with the Family and to assist the Family from Bangkok Airport to HK Airport (Part 1 of the trip) and from HK Airport to Vancouver Airport (Part 2 of the trip);

    • To provide administrative support at the counters, help look after little one(s), and the air travel boarding and arrival process in general;

    • Time permitting, to help film the journey home, capture the historical moments travelling at this unprecedented time of pandemic and when the world has been forever changed by this pandemic;

    • Time required:  Some hours prior to flights, and the hours during the flight;

    • Job contract will end when the parties safely arrive at the destination airport.


    The ideal candidate for this role would be :

    • If for the entire trip - someone who is a Canadian or a permanent resident of Canada (PR) and who is able to depart from Bangkok airport together with the Family, as only Canadian or Permanent Resident can enter Canada now due to new Canadian border restriction;

    • If only for Part 1  “BKK to HKG” Trip - someone that can board the plane flying from Bangkok to Hong Kong (either a Hong Kong resident with HK ID card, or someone that is also heading to Hong Kong to transit elsewhere )

    • Part 2 “HKG to YVR” Trip  - someone who is a Canadian or a permanent resident of Canada (PR), as only Canadian or PR can fly to Canada due to new border restriction;

    • An individual who is reliable, punctual, detailed oriented, and careful; who has experiences taking photos and filming using iphone camera, and who also can help keep an eye on and look after little one(s).

    • The job contract will end once the parties arrive safely at the destination airport.  If the assistant is interested in staying in Vancouver or will stay in Vancouver, the parties can explore other job opportunities based in Vancouver, B.C.  Quarantine space (private suite and accommodation) can also be provided in addition / in lieu of fees.

    • The Family can also consider taking a different airline if the timing for all works out better if another airline is chosen.  Return date and choice of airline still flexible at this point in time.


    • Reasonable compensation, fees and reimbursements.  At the end of the job, the assistant can choose to stay at the destination city, or return to BKK.  If needed, accommodation at destination city can be sponsored as part of the fees provided.

    Best if same assistant for all connecting flights,  but can be two different assistants if necessary.



    If the flight involves transiting via Hong Kong, please note:

    For the Part 1. BKK to HKG Trip - Executive Assistant must be able to depart with the Family from BKK and fly to HK from BKK; the job can end at HK airport once the parties safely arrive at HK airport.


    For the Part 2 HKG to YVR Trip - if a different assistant, executive assistant can meet Family at the boarding gate at HK airport and Executive Assistant must be Canadian citizen or PR in order to be able to fly to YVR;  The job can end at the airport once the parties safely arrive at Vancouver airport

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