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ANA - A New Approach Consulting & Coaching Co., Ltd.


ANA is a Consulting & Coaching company that optimizes the employee potential and the organization's results through executive coaching, consulting , training and healthy living. We empower sustainable growth for individuals, teams and organization's by making their visions, goals and missions become reality. We tailor-make what you need in the form of leadership development, consulting, team/group coaching, individual coaching, workshops, or continuous evaluation work throughout the organization. Online coaching and online trainings are the most trending ways to effectively access help, support and training. In addition to, or as an alternative option from the traditional face-to-face appointments, ANA has the same services on-line as live, using different tools to interact such as video conferencing, chat, voice messaging, and phone calls.

We apply a whole system approach which involves applying systems thinking, methods and practice to better understand challenges and identify actions to reach results. Adopting a whole system approach means that ANA can work with the whole you - your mind, body and soul to empower you to reach your vision.


We are a company with a team that understands both the local and the international/western environment. By that we also understand the different challenges that companies can experience and what can be done to overcome or at least ease them.

We are problem solvers and love a great challenge!


Professional Coaching

Consulting within Marketing and Sales

Facilitating and Training:

❑ Leadership and People Management

❑ Sales and Marketing

❑ Sales Training

❑ Effective Communication Skills

❑ Problem Solving and Decision-Making Skills

❑ Motivation and Incentive

❑ Goal Establishment and Achievement

❑ Personal Development

❑ Team Management and Team

❑ Building

❑ Public Speaking

❑ Presentation Skills

❑ Effective Management for Employees


Anna Frummerin

CEO & Co-Founder


 Address: 324/416-417 Lumpini Park Rattanatibeth Building C Floor 23 MRT Purple Line,
Bang Krasor Station, Rattanatibeth Rd, Mueang, Nonthaburi 



 Postal Code:




 Phone Number:

 +66 9-7165-1583; anna.frummerin@anaconsults.com (English & Swedish Speaker) 

 +66 8-3079-5541; chompoo.polsombut@anaconsults.com (Thai Speaker)



 Business Activity:

 Coaching & Consulting

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