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Navigating the change – How to use AI to your advantage

  • Thursday, November 12, 2020
  • 13:00

Artificial intelligence is definitely one of the areas shaping the future of banking. This non-technical webinar will show you in business-friendly language that implementing AI into your business does not have to be sci-fi. We will help you to uncover winning strategies on how to smoothly embrace AI in the Banking sector.

Our goal is to show that with the right partner, delivering AI proof of concept (and beyond) can be as short as several weeks.

The content is geared to be valuable for CEO's, MD's, VP's and other senior executives/business leaders, as well as leaders of specific digital transformation projects, across the banking sector. It will answer questions such as how to get started with AI and introduce a few typical use cases, specific for the Banking industry.

Main topics and agenda:
1. Banks of the future and the role of AI in the digital transformation
2. Common bottle necks of AI adoption
3. Winning strategy for untapping of AI potential
4. From experimentation to production applications, scaling digital across the enterprise
5. Example of AI adoption success story – AI powered EWS & portfolio monitoring
6. Q&A session


DATE: Thursday, November 12th, 2020
TIME: 01:00 PM, BKK Time

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