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Magna’s innovative technologies

Thursday, April 15, 2021 13:45 | Anonymous

When it comes to cutting-edge, Magna, Canada’s leading auto-parts manufacturer always seems to be ahead of the game. Below is a summary of their latest technological innovation.

AREA 1: Eco Innovation

This area highlights the technologies that deliver on vehicle dynamics and performance while protecting the earth through reduced CO2 and increased efficiency.

A. Powertrain Electrification

While the shift towards electrification is well under way, the real innovators are no longer those companies that are simply supplying eDrive products. Real innovation is awarded to those who are taking electrification to the next levels of efficiency and range. Magna is embracing this challenge with its Best-in-Class (BIC) portfolio, formulated with scalable building blocks. We are developing highly innovative systems of components that meet a wide range of customer requirements, while providing an optimum combination of BIC efficiency, safety, driving dynamics, and convenience.

BIC Efficiency optimizes energy use throughout the complete lifecycle. BIC Safety is a new level of control and active safety which comes with increasingly automated driving and e-mobility. BIC Dynamics enables vehicles to be “fun-to-drive“without compromising safety. BIC Convenience simply improves peace-of-mind as to when and where you will have to re-charge. Whether it’s providing vehicle expertise, full powertrain systems or individual components, Magna can provide BIC attributes for the entire electrified powertrain. Proud to be recognized as a 2021 Honoree in the annual CES Innovation Awards program.

B. Active Aerodynamics

In an electric, autonomous or new mobility vehicle, the inevitable new systems will draw more power. Our systems are integral in making the vehicle of the future more efficient through extending range capability, thereby reducing anxiety, improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.

Within the automotive industry, Active Aerodynamics has saved Trillions of kg of CO2. Increasing global regulations are pushing OEMs to offer features like the Active Grille Shutter to meet targets.

C. Battery Trays

As a leader in structural products and material processing, Magna has brought together our composite expertise with metal forming prowess to develop an essential element of any electric architecture, the battery tray.

Lightweighting is integral to making the other big stories such as autonomy, electrification, and smart mobility become reality. At Magna, we focus on the right material for the right application, joining expertise, and the ability to understand the complete vehicle and make intelligent lightweighting decisions based on the overall vehicle.

AREA 2: Dynamic Drive

ADAS technology isn’t only changing how we move; it’s changing how we live. In terms of safety, comfort and accessibility, the features and functions that we’re creating today are shifting how we move, work and play. Our work is also ensuring that as the word moves toward increasing levels of autonomy, Magna has the building blocks to support that transition.

A. ADAS Technologies

Magna’s complete system, ADAS technologies are driving toward an autonomous future and improving lives.

Full autonomy is coming. But to create the technology which will bring it into view, you need the desire and ability to adapt complete ADAS systems or modular solutions to any vehicle, for any mobility need.

B. ADAS Features

Magna’s ADAS solutions connect OEMs to their customers with features that improve their lives. It’s our expertise across the entire vehicle, key strategic partnerships and culture of innovation that allow us to make our industry-leading technologies road-ready. And it is how we’ll continue to build a safer, smarter and more connected mobility experience for all people.

C. Intelligent Vision

Because we understand the entire vehicle and how individual systems complement each other, we aren’t limited to traditional sensor placements. We’re able to place each and every sensor in its optimum location. As market leaders in lighting, mirror and camera systems, Magna has the unique ability to offer complete ADAS systems down to the product systems, which the given sensors are integrated into.

AREA 3: Intuitive Comfort

Vehicles of the future need to be as responsive and intelligent to personal connections with drivers and passengers. Our technologies provide for intuitive and responsive human and machine interface, making the vehicle experience uniquely yours, whether you own the vehicle or it is shared.

Understanding the challenges people will face, allows us to create the technology to create more convenient, safe and flexible ways to travel. From ingress/egress solutions to flexible seating solutions, we have reimagined the experience from the inside out.

A. SMARTACCESS™ Technologies

Our designs fuse the capabilities of mechanical systems with the intelligence of electronic control systems to enable new ways of interacting with the vehicle. Doors, frunks, tailgates, liftgates, and more – any way you access the vehicle, Magna has new, creative, and high-tech solutions to deliver unique vehicle access experiences.

B. Seating

As cities and roads change, how we use cars will too. Magna’s smart mobility seating allows vehicles to be used and shared differently by making them more adaptable, comfortable, and ready for the long-haul by ensuring comfort and cleanability are priorities.

C. Lighting

Magna offers customers a wide choice of various lighting technologies, each with specific characteristics that have been designed to help achieve striking and captivating brand identities.

From functional headlamps and taillamps to decorative exterior trim lighting, Magna has a complete portfolio to address all our customers illumination needs.

AREA 4: Complete Vehicles

This area is where it all comes together. Magna is a global leader in a high-tech complex industry with deep complete vehicle engineering, systems knowledge and complete vehicle manufacturing excellence making us the go-to partner for new entrants and traditional OEMs alike.

Mobility is in a huge transition phase. As already mentioned within the other areas, global megatrends in digital transformation, environmental impact and health & well-being have a huge long-term impact on the automotive industry in electrification, automated driving and new mobility. This results in challenges for our customers. Traditional OEMs and new entrants need to make high investments, meet new legal regulations while ensuring a fast market entry with these new solutions. Moreover, this is often linked to volatile volumes, which requires flexible production assets.

Complete Vehicles is the experienced & flexible partner from the first sketch to the start of production and beyond for all those quests. Regardless of the customer’s initial situation, we can complete it with all kinds of services so that in the end a full vehicle is created.

With the passion of our employees and our extensive automotive know-how, we enable our customers to successfully bring their vision of mobility to the road.

Our ability to lead in all aspects of the vehicle and connect that expertise to our full vehicle development, design, testing, validation and complete vehicle manufacturing is unmatched in the industry.

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